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  • Ross Sampson
  • Jul 01, 2020

Don't Miss Any Calls - Ever Again!

Hopefully your company, like so many others across the UK, is getting back to work – but maybe with less staff available on the phones than usual, or you’re simply too busy after being away for so long to take calls! Pippa the PA, from VeriCall Solutions, is the answer to both of these issues!

Pippa is available 24/7 and never misses a call so you don’t have to worry about staffing levels or your availability. You will get attended call transfers, SMS and email forwarding and, what’s even better, there are NO long-term contracts and NO monthly fees. You pay for the service as and when you use it.

A recent UK survey found that the average cost in unrealized revenues of a lost call for small businesses is £1,200 AND only 20% of people will phone more than once if they don’t get an answer the first time they call! Can you afford not to have Pippa take every call?

Pippa makes sure you NEVER miss a call and to help SME's returning to work - especially for those with reduced numbers due to the crisis- we have a special new COVID RECOVERY PACKAGE that has ZERO monthly fee and operates as a 100% PAYG service with a set price per minute - so you only pay when Pippa takes a call for you!

Why not call Pippa on 0141 351 6500 to find out more or fill in the contact form by clicking the link below?