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Main Features

Our PAYG on-demand Telephone Answering and Virtual PA services are fully flexible and tailored to meet your
specific business needs – all under the brand name Pippa the PA!

Pippa will be there - working on YOUR behalf - representing your business and supporting your customers and prospects at times when you can’t. That means she is available any day, any time, 365 days a year and 24/7 - and on any communication channel too!

She can cover staff sickness, holidays, and times that you are too busy working on other things. She can provide business continuity or disaster recovery, out of hours support or be a partner to help your business grow. In fact, she does all this and much more.

Pippa represents innovative technology and its application so why not contact us now and add her to your team?

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Main Features

Pay As You Go (PAYG)

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all year

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Live chat and social media

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No Long Term Contracts

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6 min

Average Handling Time in a UK call centre

£ 1200

Average cost of a lost business call

20 sec

Average time to answer in UK call centre

£ 90 m

Annual lost business for SMEs due to missed calls

Pippa can help you improve these numbers!

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