• Ross Sampson
  • Mar 29, 2021

5 Ways A Virtual Receptionist Service Can Work For Your Business

Have you heard people talking about their Virtual PA or Virtual Receptionist?

Seen the advertisements as you scroll through your social media?

Do you get visions of customers being greeted by an awful, automated voice that even mispronounces the company’s name?

Let’s start by busting those myths that a Virtual Receptionist Service sounds like when you topped up your pay as you go mobile phone using a card bought from the corner shop!

The only thing Pippa the PA, our Virtual Receptionist Service has in common with this situation, is the handy Pay As You Go (PAYG) no long-term contract.

These days Virtual Receptionist Services are real people! Highly trained individuals, with great communication skills, who answer your business calls for your business.

But why do you need a Virtual PA or Virtual Receptionist Service? How would this work for your business? Here are five excellent reasons why we think a UK based, Virtual Receptionist Service like Pippa the PA, would work for you:

You’re a Small But Busy Business

If you’re a small or micro business – perhaps a one-man band that’s a relatively new business. You’re really busy out working for your customers. But you’re struggling to pick up every call, respond to every email enquiry, maintain your social media. The other problem, your turnover isn’t allowing you the luxury of hiring more staff. An additional person is an extra salary, holidays, and pension contributions. Perhaps it’s not a viable option at the moment.

By hiring the services of a Pay As You Go, Virtual Receptionist Service, your calls will be answered, your customers’ queries replied to and there’s no tying in contract. So you can stop and start this service as and when you need it during busy periods.

Sickness & Staff Shortages

If a member of your staff becomes poorly and unable to work, or you have a sudden boom in business and don’t have the staff to keep up with the workload, a Virtual Receptionist Service can ease the pressure. There’s no need to go through the advertising and hiring processes, finding the right person for the job – because a well-trained Virtual Receptionist Service is the perfect person for the job.

Never Miss a Call – Never Lose Business

No matter what obstacles you come across trying to maintain your business’ communication with customers – as above you’re very busy, you have staffing issues, maybe you work outdoors in remote locations where phone and internet signals are a problem. By enlisting the services of a Virtual Receptionist Service, you will never miss a call and never lose business due to communication barriers. It’s never a good day when you miss out on a great business building opportunity, because you couldn’t pick up the phone and answer the call. Don’t be that business!

Respond to Live Chat & Social Media 24/7

It’s so difficult to keep up with every communication channel out there, and now that your potential customers are online pretty much 24/7, it’s become necessary to get your business active on every available platform.

But how do you do it? Answer every call, spend time answering queries via your live chat on your website, respond to each potential customer through social media messaging, and do the work!

The easy option is to put on the blinkers. Ignore the requests and hope you manage to keep your business afloat and respected doing ‘what you can.’ But you know this isn’t the right option.

A Virtual Receptionist Service can manage all your communication channels, keep you active, responsive and relevant to your customers and potential customers.

Be Able To Focus Your Skills Where Your Skills Are – Running Your Business

Ok, so we’ve given four scenarios where a Virtual Receptionist Service is that business saving lifeline when you just can’t manage to juggle all the elements of the work. It’s a common problem across all industries and it can make going to work a less enjoyable experience. But why let something like communication create stress whilst setting up your own business, captaining a great team and doing what you do best, running your business.

You started your business because it’s what you’re good at. You want to impress your customers because you’re highly skilled in your field, not because you’re always at the end of a phone, but unable to get the work done as your time is completely consumed by communication. Let a highly skilled, great communicating Virtual Receptionist Service take care of your communication, so you can take care of your business.

The level of a Virtual Receptionist Service’s involvement in your communication streams is set by you. You’re always in control and their services are flexible and tailored to your business.

You’re able to manage costs with a Pay As You Go, no long-term contract agreement, allowing you to save on costs and still provide your customers with great customer service.

Think a Virtual Receptionist Service is something you need? Why not find out more about Pippa the PA, our contract free, Pay As You Go, UK based, Virtual Receptionist.

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